Was founded back in 1979

Blinfort is a dynamic efficient company that since the early days has been well aware of how important and indispensable the “need for security” is all over the world, to the extent that security has become the focal point of its activities.
The design and structural quality of its products, the versatility of its production of one-offs and the craftsmanship and managerial abilities of its founders, have enabled the company to become a leader in its particular sector in record time.
This “need for security”, i.e. protection against intrusion, is felt predominantly in the building industry, in particular in the design of dwelling units.
It is predominantly the architects, builders and retailers in the sector who demand concrete results in terms of design, good taste, rapidity and economic competitiveness.
These conditions, together with the increasing difficulties in finding specialised manpower, signify replacing the old working methods with new innovative designs and avant-garde construction techniques, while at the same time preserving the craftsman-like care taken over the product.

Blinfort armoured doors, in fact, are the result of continuous technological research that takes into account all these considerations; research that has led to a product that possesses maximum certified security, reliability as well as long-life.
The doors, moreover, are also easy to install without any need for specialist personnel.
The quality and innovative characteristics of the materials used, together with the construction techniques of the door, door frame, its robust sub-frame, its locks, hinges and hinge bolts, are all essential parts of our armoured door production.
As for the rest, the wide choice of wooden linings available, their sober and refined design and the care taken in the finishing are all further proof of the attention paid to the completed product.
Each Blinfort door consequently has the style and character of a genuine piece of furniture.

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